Saturday, April 01, 2006

March, 2006

Happy Spring !

Its been another non-stop month. I keep telling Sharon that I need to get married soon and get a real life. However, I do have my Bassett Hound(Herschel a.k.a Hershey) who keeps me occupied with very interesting antics. I've had him since October. He is adorable .
Sharon always seems to keep me in awe with the perpetual tri- multi-tasking. How does she do it? I ask myself that a lot. Having a teenager and a husband in one sentence tells it all. I hope you're giggling--- I am.

Update on Business
Our meeting with the investors is scheduled for next month (April 12, 2006)

We hired a finance expert who previously worked for a VC firm.
She is putting together an investor package which will include
a modified business plan, examples of our new products in development
(color printed books, software story boards, etc), ROI and different
levels of investments.

Phoebe attended the 2006 Annual NAWBO luncheon at the Beverly Hilton on March 17, 2006 as a guest. It was a great networking opportunity and another aspiring event.

Phoebe also had a meeting with our graphics designer and
Website designer regarding our 20th Year Anniversary logo.
We will be updating our website to offer on-line registration & e-commerce.

We will also have a planning meeting regarding all the special workshops we will offer for the 20th Anniversary celebration.

We additionally submitted old video footage to a video editor to see if it would be possible to put together a fun and inepensive DVD. He will review and tell us next month.

Our realtor found a great building for expansion that would allow us to do everything we've always wanted to do : a great model center with an auditorium. We just found out last night that we lost the bid. Though we are disappointed, we have faith that there's something out there for us.

The school completed the Certificate of Merit Testing on March 25th and 26th. Our school had over 60 participants in the program. This specialized program is only done once a year in the Spring . The students take a special written test in music theory and are judicated on their prepared pieces. This is actually
administered nationally with other Music Teachers Associations.
Its been pretty grueling.

We hired an additional private teacher. Yeah !

Research was done on submitting award entries for our products.
We also sent in our membership for NAAM
(National Association of Music Merchants)

We put together a special survey to find out how much interest
is present with our clients for fundraising on a smaller scale.

We received more Copyright certificates for our books and most are
our trademarks are still in pending status.

Still no contact.

PR/ Media
We have finally scheduled meeting with two PR firms next month to get ourselves in the loop,especially since the software project will be finished by the summer .

We still get such positive encouragement from other business owners that we remain in contact with. They always want to know about what the program is doing and its such a highlight to be able to send them to the website. I know we don't say it enough, but thank-you for this opportunity. It keeps us motivated. as we look back over the months, we have made head way not only because we have to , but we know if we just keep pushing a little harder we can do it. You're the evidence.

February, 2006

Update on Business
This has been a month we will never forget. Its been rollercoaster-wild.

We had the Open House at the Culver City location on February 5, 2006 (Super Bowl Sunday). The day was unorganized and chaotic. Unfortunately the teacher that was referred to us did not work out ,nor was there any other teachers available. So, we decided to postpone the program. We just don't have the time to be in two places at once anymore. There actually was quite a bit of interest. Bummer.

Our Private recitals took place the very next weekend (Valentines weekend). We had a total of 8 recitals with 180 students participating.

Our Spring Semester began February 7th. To date ,this is probably our largest enrollment as we currently have about 540 students attending weekly with about 20 additional people on a waitlist for classes.

The clip art replacement artist has one last book to complete and
then its on to two other projects.

The software project is coming along. We are still in the approval stages of game documents, background scenes along with character modifications.

We had a second meeting with the Hollywood producer, this time our attorney was present. He is interested in working on a 3 DVD project and possible merchandising.
After reviewing what the terms of the contracts would be with our attorney(though very appealing), we felt it would be in our best interest to push back the deal for a later date until we completed our software project.

Our new group teacher that we started training in the fall seems to be working out great.

The technical writer and Phoebe have set-up an appointment
for next month to review beginning documents. Phoebe sent a preliminary
plan for him to review.

We have a realtor currently looking for property in both our area and Pasadena.

We have again, had no contact with our coach.

No activity

M3 Experience
We had our award specially plaqued by a Trophy Company. It looks spectacular and reminds us of what we need to do everyday. We are so blessed.

Friday, March 31, 2006

January, 2006

Happy New Year To All & Many Blessings!!!!!!!

Update on Business
Well it seems that the new year is upon us and we are extremely excited.
We have moved ahead on the following goals :

We did hit our financial mark for the 2005 year.

We worked out the details with the Fundamentals owner. We are linked up on the website and will start classes in mid February and will participate in an Open House next month at the Culver City location. One of our conditions in order do the program at the new site is having one of his staff teachers in training to get us started. He has provided us with another teacher that we will start training right away. That teacher will then teach our program over there, so that we don't have to stretch so much. We will split profits of the class
(70/30)and will get product placement.
He will receive a small consignment fee for the products.

We had our Sherman Oaks Open House on January 22nd. It was well attended . Over 90%
were referrals.

One of our lab instructors in now in training to teach group classes. We think she will be ready by Feb.

We are also busy with recitals this month. Our group recital was double booked ,so we had to quickly find a new spot within 3 days. That was stressful to say the least.

Phoebe is still mananging the last portion of all projects with the work for hire artists to finish up scenes for Music Tales Books, covers of Method Books and Cd's for both Lowey Hija Series and Music Tales. For the first time, our Music Tales' CD's will be screen printed.

Phoebe met a senior corporate technical writer that puts together manuals for a major autoamker. He has agreed to assist us in putting together an operational manual. This will be key in our expansion.

We have also been approached by another client of ours who marketing expertise in in product placement. She has connections with a Hollwood producer who has an interest in our educational system products . He currently has a couple of distribution deals with Sony-Tristar and Warner Bros.

No connections with Margaret Magnus this month. Our schedule has been very hectic.

Media/ PR
Still no activity

M3 Experience
We continue to share with any of our collegues the great experience we are having with the program. We have been encouraging these particular female businesses to apply this year. We hope this will be beneficial to the organization.